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Sunday, July 26, 2009

New volunteers are here!!

This has been a good week! After relaxing at post for a few days, another TEFL volunteer came to my post for the night, and we headed down to Cotonou together to greet the new volunteers! We waited for what seemed like forever at their training site, and when their busses FINALLY pulled in, we jumped, screamed, banged on the windows... you get the idea :)
There are 56 of them, which is a bit smaller than my group was. Honestly, every single one I have talked to has been really nice, really excited to be here, and outgoing. In TEFL, 5 of the 15 volunteers are men! It's hard to believe, since we only have one in our group. One of them is even from West Bloomfield and went to U of M, and graduated at the same time as me! Small world. The first two nights we spent together, we had tons of fun and danced a lot. I think they are going to be a great group and I am looking forward to this upcoming year!
It was really a huge energy boost to have these new Americans come in. We fed off of their positive evergy, and their constant questions made us feel good about all we have learned about Benin! It was fun showing them around Cotonou and telling them all about what volunteer life is like. Honestly though, I feel like I was in their shoes very recently! Hard to believe I have been here 13 months.
Yesterday was a volunteers birthday, and we went out for ice cream sundaes in Cotonou, complete with whiped cream and sprinkles!
Today I'm headed back to post, and on Wednesday another volunteer will join me there. Then we will head to Lokossa for the national celebration, and then.... I leave two weeks from today! Give me a call and we will make plans! (Getting through has been annoying lately... just try lots of time in a row)


wiwewasopape said...

um yes im creepy and reading your blog...
I cant believe I fell asleep in the med lounge and missed naimas birthday! I suck
Have fun at home!


Ellen said...

Hey, this is super random, but I just wanted to comment and let you know that I've been enjoying your blog since you started it last year (around the time we reconnected on Facebook, I think), AND that one of my friends from Smith is one of the new volunteers in Benin! Her name is Jen Brandenburg and she has a shaved most likely met her! :) She isn't TEFL, but say hi to her for me if you ever see her! She's incredibly excited to be in Benin!

Ellen Fitzgerald

Angelina said...

That's awesome! Yeah I did meet her, she was really cool. Thanks for reading my blog! I'm glad you are enjoying it. Hope all is well with you!