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Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 weeks!

Nothing too exciting has happened since my last post... mostly I just wanted to update so I could say THREE WEEKS UNTIL MY TRIP!!
I spent this week at my post mostly catching up on much-needed sleep. I read a lot, made myself some amazing calzones and a white pizza, and walked around Lobogo to greet people after my trip. I also got a movie onto my flash drive last time I was in Cotonou, and enjoyed watching it at post so much that I think I'm going to try and bring back a portable DVD player with me when I go home!
On Saturday I met two of my friends in Possotome, and after hanging out there for a while we came to Lobogo together (on insane zemidjans... my driver rinsed his mouth out with gasoline! What???) and walked around since it was market day. We found a lady selling turkey for dinner! (Rarely do you find meat, especially turkey, let alone a piece that has any meat on it or isn't covered in flies.) We then came back to my house and played Chutes and Ladders (seriously) and cooked an awesome breakfast this morning.
Getting to Cotonou today was a bit of an adventure since we had two different flat tires along the way and a driver that was stubborn and spoke no French whatsoever. But we made it here in one piece! Tomorrow I take Fifa to see the American optometrist again, then we will head back to Lobogo together. I am excited to see her; life in village has been not quite as fun without my two little girls around! I will be back down here on Friday to greet the new volunteers when they arrive here! I am really excited to meet the shiny, clean newbies, but totally weirded out that we will now be the old, seasoned ones.
Final note on calling me: I hear that it has been a bit harder to get though lately than normal. If you don't get through, try immediately calling back again, several times in a row (as opposed to waiting 15 minutes and then trying). You should be able to get through eventually. Also, if possible, call me early in the day your time. The phone networks get busier here as the day goes on. But please call! I haven't been getting many calls lately, probably because I'm coming home soon, but I am going to need them to get me through my second year here!
That's all for now... let me know if you want to do something when I am home! My schedule is already starting to fill up :)

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