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Thursday, December 25, 2008

This is How I spent Christmas in Africa

For dinner last night, we climbed to the top of a small mountain, had cold beers and ate chicken and fries while we watched the dramatic sunset over the valley and city. We then came back to the workstation for a wine and cheese and Christmas cookie party, complete with Christmas music. This morning, I took a real shower, and had a breakfast of cinnamon spice coffee, potato pancakes, banana french toast, papaya, and quiche. The coffee tasted especially good since it was a chilly morning. We then all watched Love Actually together. For the rest of the day we will just be hanging out and watching more Christmas movies. We have to get a good night's sleep tonight bcause our safari guide is coming to pick us up at 7am tomorrow!
(On a side note, our day of traveling yesterday went just fine. The bus that we had made reservations for was full, so we got in a taxi with some Dutch tourists that we met. Not as comfortable of ride, but we made good time.)
Well, back at home right about now the kids are just waking up to see what Santa brought. Merry Christmas!!

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