My adventures serving in the Peace Corps

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I am Happy Because...

-I got to eat pounded yam and cheese in peanut sauce for dinner last night
-I saw a good friend who is a volunteer waaay up north last night
-I baked a delicious chocolate pudding cake
-I stayed in my pajamas until noon today watching Lost
-I found cabbage, green beans, and carrots at the market today!
-I have had internet access two days in a row
-Though I'm sad I'm missing it, I know my parents and cousins and aunt and uncle are having a blast at the annual Christmas tree shopping excursion today
-It rained for the first time in a month yesterday and was borderline chilly last night
-I got an awesome Christmas package from my grandma D including Betty Crocker frosting, the Ann Arbor News from election day, and tons of granola bars and other goodies

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