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Friday, November 28, 2008

Wonderful Thanksgiving

So just a quick post about how amazing my Thanksgiving was. We set up a long table and all sat together, complete with candle light and turkey decorations. We all said grace and sang a Thanksgiving song, and then went around saying what we were thankful for now that we have lived in Africa. Here was some of the communal list:
-easy access to water
-an education
-gender equality
-washers and dryers, etc.
It truly is amazing how your perspective changes here. We also played a game where we pulled questions out of a cornucopia and went around the table answering them, such as “What is your biggest regret?”, “What are you most proud of?”, “Who is the craziest person in your family?” etc. It was really great to get to know more about everyone's past and believe me, many tears were shed throughout the night. It really was one of my best Thanksgivings ever. We also finished up the night watching an episode of The Office :)
For those of you who feel bad that I missed the holiday, just take a look at the pictures from last night :) I am also having a second Thanksgiving in Cotonou tomorrow! I will be back in my village on Sunday.

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