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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Hello! Just a quick update from Cotonou. I was able to stay in the med unit last night because I have another sinus infection. These sicknesses are getting ridiculous. The doctor doesn't want to give me antibiotics since I have already taken them twice since being in Benin, so she is just giving me some decongestants. I hope it works! As usual, air conditioning was a blessing (It has gotten even hotter lately) and I even had a real latte for breakfast! Last night was another Thanksgiving dinner. It was good (we even had pumpkin pie with real whipped cream!) but not as awesome as our TEFL Thanksgiving in Parakou.
Here's some really exciting news- I just booked a three-day after-Christmas safari!!! I will be up north with friends on Christmas day, and a day or two after we will leave for the safari. It willl cost me about $100 for two nights in a air-conditioned hotel, three days of animal tracking, and transportation. What a deal! I really can't wait. It's only four weeks away!
I am pretty bummed I am missing the holiday season back home, though. Especially getting our Christmas tree with my family, Leah and I's annual Christmas cocktail party, and the lights on main street! You all will just have to call and send me some holiday cheer :)
I am going back to my village this afternoon as long as I get the go-ahead from my doctor. I have been gone for nine days. It was a nice break, but I am excited to go home. Especially to see my kitties! I have lots of papers to grade, laundry to do, etc. I'm glad I don't teach on Mondays so that I have tomorrow to get lots of work done. Anyways, I hope everyone had a nice long weekend and that you are getting geared up for the holiday season! I can't believe tomorrow is December!

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