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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Health update

After heaading back to Lobogo on Saturday, I saw absolutely no improvement in my condition. I'll spare you of the nasty details, but I more or less lived in my latrine over the weekend. I felt so-so other than these semi-frequent stomach cramps, during which I literally curled up in a ball and waited for it to pass. The heat, once again, really didn't help. I slept inside the first night, only getting fitful sleep due to the oven-like nature of my house; this is in spite of a fan running full-blast less than a foot away from my face. The next night they cut the power at 9pm, so all of my neighbors and I decided to sleep outside. Normally it is cool enough outside overnight to sleep quite comfortably, maybe even with a pagne thrown over your shoulders. Well, it has been so hot lately that not only could I barely sleep, but neither could all of my Beninese neighbors! We all were awake for a majority of the night, dripping sweat, fanning ourselves, and lamenting this outrageous heat wave. You KNOW it's bad when it's 3am and even a Beninese person is sweating.
I came back down to the med unit on Monday. After an exam and some more tests (still found no parasites), the doctor prescribed me some heavy-duty antibiotics that seem to be kicking in, thank goodness. I've been able to eat a little more, so that's good. I'm seeing the doctor again tomorrow and if all goes well I should be heading back to post. I'm not thrilled about leaving the air conditioning and toilet fortified bureau, but it's always good to go home. I should be there for about a week before heading down for Kate's memorial.
And great news that I forgot to mention in my last blog- Camp GLOW has been completely funded! So, if you've been looking for it on the website, it is no longer up. We're now waiting on the money and a list of donors from headquareters in DC. Thank you so, so much for all of you who donated and got the word out there. We've now booked the venue and the caterer, and are now working on guest speakers and other aspects of the camp. But the most important things are done! Later this week, we are sending official invitations to the US ambassador and some Beninese government officials to the opening and/or closing ceremonies of the camp, so I'm excited about that. I will keep you informed!


loehrke said...

Don't you DARE head back to post until you are good and HEALTHY!!! I am saying this NOT just as the dad of a (former) PCV but as a physician as well. It would be one thing if they KNEW your diagnosis and were treating it....but they still sound unsure. So you had better have NO fevers and NO diarrhea before you head back. And I am being very, very serious about this. You take care of yourself. I am certain that my buddy Catherine would agree!!
Congrats about Camp Glow!! You do MORE good with such little money with these girl's camps. Those girls are the hope for the future for that country.
Best, Mark Loehrke (Carly's dad_

Catherine said...

I am in full agreement...stay in the air conditioning while you can because it will just be miserable in the stickiness of lobogo if you go back un-fully recovered.

You are certainly not having much luck lately. Did you get my mail yet?

By the way...I love that you call it caterer like it is an official operation and not a maman. :)MISS YOU