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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I can't believe it. And here I was so sure I have had a parasite for a few months... I am down in Cotonou for my mid-service medical exam. It went smoothly, other than getting a lecture about how it is clearly my fault that I am getting the parasites... even though you can get them from a fly simply landing on your food. As I have said a million times, I am one of the few volunteers that still boils my water, bleaches my vegetables, etc. Apparently, though, I have the highest iron count in my blood of any girl in Peace Corps Benin right now :)
Once again, hanging around Cotonou has proven to be exceptionally boring. This time around, I didn't splurge on food and ate omlette sandwiches all week. I have gotten to a point in my service where those actually sound delicious...
I am heading back to my village in just a few minutes. Hopefully I will begin teaching on Monday! This year I am teaching sixieme (beginning English, one of the levels I taught last year), and quatrieme (one level higher than I taugh last year). I will be teaching Monday-Thursday, 8-12, with one afternoon class at some point during the week. I am really looking forward to getting back to a more normal schedule and spending more time at post (yet having things to do there). My DVD player that I brought back really helps in the entertainment department. I have also been sleeping a little bit better, which I am grateful for. Hopefully school will help me sleep even more soundly. I will be in my village until next weekend, when I will head to Lokossa for a birthday celebration with some of my friends :)
Enjoy the Fall colors for me!

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loehrke said...

Congratulations on being parasite free (words I never thought I would write!!).
I know you will have a great year at school.....but it sounds like you will be teaching a LOT!!!!
We are heading down to Champaign/Urbana this weekend for Illini are playing the Spartans. Judy's sister will be marching in the alumni band (that will be YOU in Ann Arbor someday!!).
Stay healthy, Mark Loehrke (Carly's dad)