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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The new volunteers Swore-in

and I feel old. We had a good time that weekend: Friday night we went out for dinner and dancing for two volunteers' birthdays. Swear-in was the next morning, and the bureau was a zoo. The ceremony was held in the back of the Peace Corps bureau, and looked really nice. All of the TEFL volunteers for my year (minus one) were there, so it was great seeing everyone!
Later that day John Mark and I headed back to Lobogo, and made some yummy baguette pizzas. That night he started feeling sick, but nonetheless we went to the market and walked around. For the rest of the night and most of today, he was glued to the latrine. I'm telling you folks, that's one of the glories of Peace Corps Benin. We tried to enjoy the rest of our night with a movie and a big salad and we baked some banana bread, but he was pretty miserable :(
Now we're back in Cotonou and I will be here for the week doing a workshop Monday-Thursday with my homologue. He called me last night to let me know that the director and censeur of our school were moved, so that will be interesting this year... it will probably make our school year start even later- fabulous. I will have internet access and AC all week, so that will be nice!


loehrke said...

GREAT pictures.....hard to imagine that just a year ago our family was in Benin watching YOU getting sworn in!! Take good care of the newbies.
Your alma mater won again this weekend....may be a good year for the maize and blue!!!
Best, Mark Loehrke (Carly's dad)

MJ Cowell said...

Thank you for posting these pictures! My son, David, is a newbie and it was good to see his bearded face and new "uniform"!They look like a good group! Good luck to new and old TEFLs! Mary Jane Cowell

Angelina said...

Mark- I can't believe I swore in a year ago, either! And yeah, go blue :) Too bad I'm missing this season!
Mary Jane- You're welcome! I met Dave and he seems excited to be here and move to post today. And thanks for the luck, we'll need it!